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It is the goal of Superior Industries LLC to provide the best solutions to all of our clients’ needs.  As such, it is imperative that we conduct our services in accordance with industry standards.  We take great care to remain informed regarding the latest changes in environmental standards and guidelines.  In order to ensure that our clients are receiving the highest level of technical expertise, we ensure that our Training Courses and Laboratory Services are fully accredited and that our staff maintain all required certifications and accreditations.

Staff Certifications

Superior Industries ensures that all field technicians carry the appropriate certifications for the discipline in which they are engaged.  Our staff are certified as:

  • Lead Inspector / Risk Assessor

  • Asbestos Project Monitor

  • Asbestos Project Designer

  • Asbestos Management Planner

  • Asbestos Inspector

Training Courses

We strive to provide the most up-to-date training with respect to industry standards.  We offer training courses that are licensed, approved, or accredited by the appropriate agency.  The following is a brief summary of those courses.

  • State of Connecticut Licensed Training

    • Asbestos Project Monitor

    • Asbestos Inspector

    • Asbestos Management Planner

    • Asbestos Project Designer

    • Asbestos Supervisor

    • Asbestos Worker (English and Spanish)

    • Lead Supervisor

    • Lead Worker (English and Spanish)

  • OSHA Training

    • OSHA 10-hour Training

    • OSHA 30-hour Training

  • EPA Training

    • All asbestos courses listed above

    • Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Training

Laboratory Services

All asbestos analysts successfully participate in the AIHA Asbestos Analysts Registry.  Additionally, our laboratory maintains the following credentials:

State of Connecticut Licensed Laboratory #PH0129

AIHA Organization 187297


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