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Everybody wants the best for their family.  Whether it's a vacation or a new car, we want our family to be happy and to be protected.  Superior Industries can help you achieve your goal.   Environmental issues may not always be at the front of your consciousness, but there are times when they should be.  At those times, Superior Industries can help.

We can provide you with professional advice and assistance with:




Why do you need help?
Why do you need help?
Why do you need help?

Most homeowners know that asbestos is bad for you.  Some even know that it can cause cancer.  But most homeowners don't realize just how many building materials may contain asbestos or how easy it is to release cancer-causing asbestos fibers into the air.  Whether you're considering knocking down a wall, replacing the kitchen floor, or any other home repair, you  may unwittingly expose your loved ones to dangerous asbestos fibers.  

If you're considering purchasing a new home or making improvements to your existing home, Superior Industries can assist you with navigating any issues with asbestos that may arise.

Mold can be present in easily identifiable locations.  You might see the discolored growth on your bathroom ceiling or the wallboard in the basement or it might be present in a hidden location - within walls, above ceilings, or in the attic.  Wherever or whenever mold is present, its effects can be serious.  

Mold is an allergen and will affect different people differently, sometimes leading to serious respiratory health issues.  Whether you have easily identifiable mold growth or have a concern that there may be hidden sources of mold, Superior Industries professionals can help you in identifying whether you have a mold problem and designing an appropriate response.

Lead-based paint is toxic to the human body.  That means that is a poison and should not be present in your system at all.  Even the smallest exposure to lead  dust can cause damage to the central nervous system.  This is especially true for children under the age of six, infants, and pregnant women.  

If you are preparing a renovation project that involves disturbing paint, including any painting or remodeling projects, it is essential that you know there is lead based paint present.  Before beginning any project or prior to purchasing a new home, it is important to identify whether or not lead-based paint may be an issue.  Superior Industries is here to help.

How can we help?

Advice is free.  The cost of making a phone call or sending an email is usually zero. 


Regret is expensive.  Finding out that one phone call or one email could have protected your family or saved you thousands of dollars in remediation fees is a very expensive lesson.

Our environmental professionals all have in excess of twenty years experience in the lead, asbestos, and mold abatement industries.  Whether you are considering beginning a project, preparing to purchase a new home, or are concerned that a contractor may have disturbed lead or asbestos, we can help.  Our licensed staff can meet you and discuss your specific project and help find a solution that will meet our budget.  Our fees are reasonable and never involve any hidden costs or "extras".  We provide Superior Solutions and Reasonable Prices.

Learn More.

We can provide you with asbestos air sampling, asbestos surveys, lead paint testing, or mold identification.  Or, if you prefer, we can just answer your questions.  Either way, take the first step by contacting us:

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