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Key Personnel

Superior Industries LLC is truly a partnership of qualified, motivated individuals.  Our dedicated staff has technical experience spanning decades in the industry.  It is our goal to provide clients with knowledgeable, technically proficient, experienced personnel to meet their project goals.  Our key personnel include:

Mr. Earl Clark is the founder of Superior Industries, LLC.  From 1995 to the early 2000’s, Superior Industries focused on providing clients with abatement solutions that were among the highest standards in the industry.   Based on his experience and expertise, Mr. Clark began providing training for lead and asbestos supervisors as an accredited and licensed training provider.  As the needs of Superior Industries’ clients changed, Mr. Clark expanded his services to provide professional consulting services.  Currently, these services include licensure as:


  • State of Connecticut Training Provider

  • State of Connecticut Licensed Project Monitor

  • State of Connecticut Licensed Project Designer

  • State of Connecticut Licensed Inspector/Management Planner.


Mr. Clark has also completed a course in Polarized Light Microscopy at the McCrone Institute in Chicago and is a proficient PLM analyst.  The American Industrial Hygiene Association Asbestos Analyst Registry has listed Mr. Clark as a proficient analyst in Phase Contrast Microscopy.


Mr. Simon Hoey is the Senior Project Manager for Superior Industries LLC.  Mr. Hoey began his career as a lead and asbestos consultant with EnviroScience Consultants, Eagle Environmental, and Mantis Environmental.  Joining Superior Industries LLC in 2010, he brought nearly twenty years of experience with him as a Project Designer, Inspector/Planner, and Project Monitor.  Mr. Hoey also holds a license as a Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor.  He is listed on the AIHA AAR as a proficient analyst in Phase Contrast Microscopy.


Mr. Alton Clark is a State of Connecticut Licensed Asbestos Inspector and Project Monitor.  He has nearly twenty years of experience in the asbestos abatement field having worked as an abatement supervisor in the 1990s and currently as a Project Monitor, Asbestos Inspector, and Project Designer.  He is our primary classroom instructor for asbestos training..  He has extensive experience in providing project oversight for large scale renovation projects.  Mr. Clark is also listed as a proficient analyst by the AIHA AAR.

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